Friday, January 22, 2010

Kiara Park Condo

We worked on this home last year. It was a learning experience for us. It was the first time we have ever worked on a stainless steel kitchen cabinets and ikea woodtop. We had to find a new supplier for the stainless steel work and of course that comes with a huge responsibility of not knowing if they will deliver what we want.

The client was a very hands on person. Being from the States, he has good experience in DIY work. He has done many home projects by himself there.

The main work was done to the kitchen, master bath and the flooring. He was dead against having plaster ceiling or bathrooms done with the standard tiles and border design.

He already had a big collection of art collection. He didn't need my help in this at all. It makes the place look really great. Love the kitchen in this place. It turned out really good.

We did have some minor hiccups along the way but we are glad it turned out good.

Before Pictures:

After Pictures:

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