Friday, January 22, 2010

Kiara Park Condo

We worked on this home last year. It was a learning experience for us. It was the first time we have ever worked on a stainless steel kitchen cabinets and ikea woodtop. We had to find a new supplier for the stainless steel work and of course that comes with a huge responsibility of not knowing if they will deliver what we want.

The client was a very hands on person. Being from the States, he has good experience in DIY work. He has done many home projects by himself there.

The main work was done to the kitchen, master bath and the flooring. He was dead against having plaster ceiling or bathrooms done with the standard tiles and border design.

He already had a big collection of art collection. He didn't need my help in this at all. It makes the place look really great. Love the kitchen in this place. It turned out really good.

We did have some minor hiccups along the way but we are glad it turned out good.

Before Pictures:

After Pictures:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After a long hiatus....

I'm back....i figured i better update my blog again before potential clients think we are out of business.
Yes, it was a slow year but we did manage to survive the long gone 2009. We worked on some interesting projects. My favorites are definitely renovating really old places. It's really fun even though it comes with heachaches and frustrations.
Finished up a long delayed project. So happy it was over. Client was so happy everyone complimented his home. I realised how important it is to make the client happy. I could never live in his home but he loves it. Will be taking pictures of it soon.
Still working on a delayed project from 2008. Hope it will finish this year.
I hope 2010 will be a great year for everyone.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Taman Tun

We worked on this Semi-D in Taman Tun. It was completed in January this year. Most of the work was to the structure of the building. Major work in the home was to the bathrooms and kitchen. The idea was to have a practical home for a family with 3 young boys.

There were a few things that we tried in this home. We went for black window frames. We also tried the cement rendered look for the bathrooms and a little bit on the exterior.

Exterior Before & After:

Living Before & After:

Kitchen Before & After:

Master Bath Before & After:

Downstairs Bath Before & After:

Bunk Beds

I recently worked on an apartment where the client wanted me to design their kids'room and their home office. Since the kids' room was shared by the 2 kids and their maid, i had to find a bunk bed with a pullout too. Of course i wanted it to be in white to go with the whole theme/concept.

I never knew it was so difficult to find a completely white bunk bed in good quality too. Maybe i was looking in the wrong shops...? I looked everywhere i would normally look for furniture. All in all 14 shops. It was either with a combination of some pink, blue or some other color. Some were not in good quality even for me to spray paint it.
In the end, i managed to find it. I am glad the hunt is over and it turned out good. I'm glad the kids get to have a nice room now.

Will post the before and after soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I decided to stop by at the recent Homedec exhibition. I wanted to collect some new brochures and also to check out what's new. Honestly I don't enjoy going to Homedec as much as Archidex.

Anyway, I felt there weren't good deals this year. I expected better deals due to the downturn in this industry.

Something new (in fact old!!!) were the wall decals. I had wanted to use them last year in 2 projects but it didn't work out. I wanted it for my own home too so i bought one for my wall. It cost me RM30. It's a temporary fix on an empty wall. I put it up as soon a we got home.

Other that that, nothing else excited me much. Looking forward to archidex though....

Friday, April 3, 2009


This is the second time i'm working with this client. Their previous home was a condo in Andalucia. They wanted a bigger home this time around. The home is designed for 2 ladies, their mum and nephew.

Their previous home was more of a balinese concept and for this home they wanted a contemporary/modern design Since it's a big home, it will take them a little bit longer to fully furnish it. So you'll notice some empty spaces and empty walls in this home.

The nephew is a big MU fan, so the bedding and curtains were ordered online. The red on the wall was matched closed to MU red. Since they wanted to have a sitting area away from the tv, we moved the dining area to the dry kitchen and made the wet kitchen into 1 long kitchen. The client also wanted a big dresser with lots of drawers to store her jewellery and accessory pieces. For this we made small compartments in the drawer and hooks for the mirrored doors.

Very little wet works was done here. Mainly in the kitchen, plaster ceiling and painting. For the exterior they did a DIY landscape which turned out good.

Will do another posting on where do we get "things".

The favorite of many who visit this home is the black and white themed guest room. I think it's also because it's small and fully furnished space in the home. Love the toile wallpaper here.

Before pictures


After Pictures

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Suasana Sentral

This was a penthouse we worked on last year. It was for a family of 5. They have been living in their home for 5 years. They wanted to spruce up the place with simple design. They like earth tone color. The son wanted a black and white room. I had misplaced the before picture, only managed to find 1 of it. We only worked on living, dining, master bedroom and their son's room.

My favorite part of the home would have to be the son's ceiling. Love the black and white look to it.

Son's Room 3Ds

Son's Room After

Living Before

Living Dining 3Ds

Living Dining After

Master Bedroom 3D

Master Bedroom After